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Welcome to Vintage Nixie Tube Clocks Workshop

I am pleased to announce that now you can buy our retro Nixie tube clocks at our online shop. We sell our clocks via  Etsy, and Amazon shops only, which means that it is safe to buy with us. Your purchase will be tracked within shop.

Get this Vault Nixie tube clock for $380 per item for the simple model, and for $380 for the vacuum tube clock with the brass corners. Also, you may buy Steampunk Nixie Tube Clock for $380.

Here is SteamPunk Nixie Tube Clock Model:

Here is StreamLine Nixie Tube Clock (new 2023 model):

You can choose the color you like: walnut color, dark color or red wood. All the enclosures are made of alder, and can be polished with the Finnish oil (green product) by your request. It takes us over 2 weeks to make one item, for more details, please read about us.

The clocks are fully hand-crafted. We’ve made this retro Nixie tube clocks inspired by Vault-boy and Fall Out world. The clocks have 6 modes of Nixie tubes’ brightness. The longevity of the Nixie tubes is up to 200 000 hrs. o prolong your tubes’ longevity, we suggest you to avoid using the brightest mode all the time. We’ve also programmed your clocks with the tube safety mode, that runs every 15 minutes, and prevent Nixie tube cathodes’ poisoning.

Clocks also have blue lightning modes (6 modes, including turn-off mode). You may choose 12-hours-time displaying, or 24-hours-time-displaying. For Thailand residents: we, unfortunately, do not have a 6-hours mode yet, but we are open to suggestions 🙂

Aren’t they beautiful? 🙂 Love each and every nixie clock we make. Check our gallery to see more photos.

Dimensions: 235 x 100 x 105 mm size.   Weight: 0.8 Kg. Power: 12V / 1.5A,
adapter included. Feel free to ask any questions about Vault Nixie tube clocks, we are happy to chatter about it for hours! Steampunk fly

Meet our newcomers: “Woody” – wooden nixie clock with brass corners.


We ship clocks worldwide. It costs 30 USD, except Australia (we ship to Australia only with EMS post service, and it costs 70 USD).

HAL-9000 Clock:

This item has an “eye” that looks like an eye-robot from science-fiction film “A Space Odyssey” called HAL-9000. But our clock has much more pleasant temper and will serve you faultlessly. Please note that all our clocks are hand-made. All the details are crafted and designed by our team.


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