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Vacuum Tube Clock New Design 2020

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Vacuum Tube Clock New Design 2020

On September 12, 2017, Posted by , In design,vacuum tube clock, With No Comments

I am glad to share with you my new design for vacuum tube clocks. I like it and IMHO it looks a bunch more vintage and steam-punkish.

So what’s new with this model:

  • new brass cornerpieces
  • soft-shaped labels
  • new palette of colors used in case

What stays the same:

  • adorable vacuum tubes IN-14
  • all clocks are made of wood
  • almost immortal vacuum tubes in clock

Gallery of new vacuum tube clocks:

37109192585_afff3981de_h 37109192475_313198c5cf_h 36938839352_97947cd420_h 36938839062_8c4285f654_h 36185915932_ae45992899_k 35519010464_8482c11b6e_k

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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