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SteamPunk Vintage Nixie Tube Clock


Hi! My name is Andrey and I believe that if the walls of your shelter are fully plastered with the Vault boy posters, or the radiation precaution sign cause a sensation of watery eyes, if you are the sci-fi admirer, this is your clock. Let me tell you what is so special about these clocks.

1. First of all, We use Vintage Nixie Tubes Only

(the tubes that have touched a history)

So, the first reason is that the Nixie tubes used in these clocks are 30-64 years old. First Nixie tubes were created in 1952 year by Haydu brothers. And it was the start of the Nixie Era. The name “Nixie” goes from the abbreviation “NIX 1”, which means the “Numerical Indicator eXperimental 1”. Nixie tubes were used in early electronic desktop calculators, in some elevators to display the floor number, in gaging equipment, in military establishments, etc. They’ve lighted up the 60th and the 70th.

Though nowadays, when Nixies are out of production, which means that there remains a limited quantity of such tubes, we have fortunately collected several hundreds of them. To own such Nixie tube clock for me is like to get the tooth of the dinosaur (which are out of production too).


2. All Clocks are Hand-Made crafted

We personally make these clocks with our hands and it takes over 30 hours to craft 1 item. We choose the materials: an alder wood, latten brass, brand-new (never used) Nixie tubes IN-14, etc. We check carefully before using it, and we test our clocks at least during the 96 hours before shipping. All of our clocks are made of carefully polished wood (an alder).

We provide our customers with the guarantees of the technical support during the NN months and friendly chatter about how cool are the Nixie tubes during whatever time you want 😉

3. Read more about the Features and Product Specifications:

Design: Nixie Tubes Characteristics: Display Modes: Dimensions:
✔ Vintage handmade Nixie tube clocks ✔ Brand new Nixie tubes “In-14” are used only ✔ 24 or 12 hours time displaying format ✔ Size: 235 x 100 x 105 mm
✔ Wooden clocks, made of an alder ✔ The longevity of the tubes is up to 200 000 hours ✔ 6 tubes-brightness modes ✔ Weight: 0.8 Kg
✔ Retro-inspired enclosures ✔ Tubes-safety mode every 15 minutes
(prevents the Nixies’ cathodes poisoning,
which prolongs the longevity of your tubes)
✔ 6 blue-highlighting modes
(including the switch-off mode)
✔ Power: 12V / 1.5A,
adapter included

In addition, several years ago, me and my friends started to craft the Nixie tube clocks and we are happy with what we do. We love same: our clocks and our happy clients. If you have any ideas on how to make our clocks better, and our clients happier please let us know. We appreciate each and every feedback!

Hius team:

Andrey (CEO)  Shvydman (good guy)  Kotya (inspirer)   David (SEO)     Dasha (promo)
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