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Cheap nixie tube clock 2020

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Cheap nixie tube clock - $200

Cheap nixie tube clock – $200

I usually get letters with the request to make cheap nixie tube clocks. So I worked on new design for the clock, that takes much less time and materials. It helped me to set a lower price for my wooden nixie clocks.

This design is quite plain, but  it perfectly fits Scandinavian style interior! This clock goes just for $200 per item! It includes 1 nix tube clock with In-12 tubes, 1 spare tube, 12 months guarantee. You can  easily set 12-24 hours regime, and unset it any time.

Nowadays I am working on even cheaper item, and I hope I will show it to you very soon! To order clocks, please email me or contact me here.

Cheap nixie tube red

Cheap nixie tube red

Cheap tube clock - light

Cheap tube clock – light

To order clock for $200, please email me or contact me here.

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