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You may choose any model above and add a custom label to it. It costs +$40 to basic price. All you need for this is to:

  1. Choose a basic model.
  2. Draw the label (you may even draw it with a pencil on paper, and send its photo to me).
Nixie Clock Price $40.00
SKU: 0 (pre-order)
Weight: 0.02 kg
Nixie Clock Shipping
  • Worldwide (except Australia): $30.00
  • Australia: $70.00

Nixie Clock Description

We’ve received dozens of letters from our customers with the request to make a custom engraving for their beloved ones. For this we’ve started a new service: custom label production. 2 easy steps to get a unique clock:

  1. Chose the model that will be a basic one for your gift. We highly recommend the Steampunk model.
  2. Draw a picture of the label you’d like. You can draw it on a paper, and send us its photo. You may also describe it in details, or add a picture of it from the Internet.

Find the examples below:


Nixie Clock Features

Time to complete (if not in stock) 7 days
Warranty 12 months

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