Catchy 10 facts about the time and clocks

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Catchy 10 facts about the time and clocks

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Catchy 10 facts about the time and clocks
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  • A day on Mars is only 39 minutes longer than an Earth’s day.
  • The impression ‘in clockwise order’ is quite usual for us, but have you ever though why does it go that way, not opposite direction? It all goes from the sun-dial, when the shadow of a so-called clock-hand drew a circle.
  • In Thailand there exist 2 time systems: 24-hours system, and 6-hours system.
  • Everybody knows that one can determine  time using the sunlight. Though, the citizens of Para (Brazil) use the rain for this goal. It is raining several times a day here at the same time!
  • Customers in clock shops rarely notice that usually clocks show the time 10 minutes past 10. It’s a marketing ploy, the clocks are like smiling to you, saying “buy my happy smiling clock-face”. It also helps to emphasize the clock’s brand.
  • The most accurate clocks are atomichrons. Their roughness is around 1 second in 6,000,000 years!
  • The accuracy of the sun-dial depends on the temperature. If it is cold, they go faster, if it is hot, they are slowing down.
  • On some of the Roman sun-dials the number “IV” (four) was depicted as “IIII”.
  • To create one wrist watch one will need 20 specialists at least.
  • The second hand on the watch appeared in 18th century!

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